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The majority of claims do not reach their full potential or value prior to the client gaining access to the court systems within the applicable jurisdiction. That is what we are here for; to walk our clients through the handling of claims in the courts utilizing tactics according to the local court rules and procedures for excellent results. Our process is personal, informative and comforting to each individual client.

Claims that are able to be resolved prior to litigation are those where the full extent of damages can be ascertained and determined in a manner that makes settlement in the short term sensible and beneficial to the client.

At J. Bieber Law, LLC, Justin M. Bieber has the experience to evaluate claims from the outset and put together your claim in the correct manner in order to best position the client. This provides a clearer picture of where a client’s ¬†claim is heading, and what the best decisions are moving forward to make the client successful!

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